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Actors gonna act

Today we had our first full cast read-through of the script for Offworld.

In a slightly chilly room above Sin City Comics in Newport, the cast of Offworld somehow managed to conjure up an alien world, a crashed space ship, and… well… if we told you any more than that then we’d be falling foul of our “NO SPOILERS” guarantee.

What we can tell you is that we’ve not only got a solid 107 (or so) pages of script, but we’ve also got an incredible cast. For a first read through, it was incredible – characters are already starting to take shape and some of the most emotional scenes played out very well.

We also discovered our director, Terry Cooper, does a remarkable impression of a broken radio and can howl in a wide range of pitches. Chris, co-writer, continues to refuse to work until there are mince pies on the table.

Many thanks for Chris, one of our actors, for the picture from the day. Apparently this was taken in “Jostyvision”, whatever that is.

Chris Lynch is the co-writer of OffWorld and the creator and writer of The Black Room. You can find out more about him at

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