£7000 reached, and a new stretch goal unlocked!

Thanks to the growing excitement and constant pushing from everyone, we’re gathering more and more pledges, often so many that we can’t keep up with them all!

We’ve hit £7000 now, so as another free gift for all backers, we’re going to give you something very exclusive – an E-Book download of: “OFFWORLD: PRE-FLIGHT” by CHRIS LYNCH

Chris is the co-writer of Offworld, but he’s an award-winning independent comicbook writer in his own right. He also created THE BLACK ROOM, which is now available to watch on Amazon Prime, and features many of the cast and crew that will be working on Offworld.

OFFWORLD: PRE-FLIGHT is a never-before seen look at the crew of the Tantalus II mission. What kind of people were they before the events of OFFWORLD? Who did they leave behind? What made them the people we will see in the film?All of these questions will be answered.

This is a unique idea, conceived by Chris himself, to give the viewers of Offworld an extra insight. Soon after the film is completed, Chris will be releasing the novelization of Offworld (which includes ‘Pre-Flight’) as a real novel, under the Candy Jar Publishing house, based in Cardiff. This stretch goal gives you an exclusive FIRST LOOK at it. Enjoy!

Chris Lynch is the co-writer of OffWorld and the creator and writer of The Black Room. You can find out more about him at

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