Offworld: Kickstarter Campaign Launched

The Black Room wouldn’t exist without Terry Cooper, who took Chris Lynch’s script and moved heaven and Earth to make it a reality. And now? Well, that damn maniac’s at it again.

This time, Terry has his sights set on a full length science fiction feature… “Offworld”.

It’s the story of a space expedition that crash lands on an alien world, leaving a group of intrepid explorers fighting for not only their own survival but the survival of their cryogenically frozen passengers. Hundreds of kilometres from their original destination, the crew have a matter of days to reach help… assuming they live that long themselves.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign running to raise funds to help with props, costumes, and all the other expenses the film will incur. All of the cast and crew are giving their time and expertise to the project free of charge, including The Black Room’s own Chris Lynch who has been editing the script with Terry.

Offworld is a bold and ambitious project that’s very worthy of your support, please do check it out on Kickstarter and keep an eye out for on social media and in the press.

Chris Lynch is the co-writer of OffWorld and the creator and writer of The Black Room. You can find out more about him at

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