Storyboard Preview #1

Terry Cooper is a multi-talented guy. Some say he can rub his tummy and pat his head at the same time. He’s also the creator of OffWorld, its director, one half of the writing team, all-round do-er of things, and the creator of our storyboards. Storyboarding is an essential part of the film development process. […]


Terry and Adam have gone Rogue (One)

It’s not all “work work work” at Black Room HQ (unless you’re Chris). Terry and Adam somehow found the time to go and see an obscure little sci-fi film that most people won’t have heard of – Rogue One. Don’t worry if this movie has passed you by, as sci-fi aficionados it’s Terry and Adam’s job […]


Chris haunted Terry on Tuesday

Offworld’s Director Terry Cooper has a regular vlog called “Terry on Tuesday” and this week, when Terry asked for suggestions of what he should talke about, Offworld co-writer Chris cheekily asked “What Makes Chris the Best Co-Writer of All Time”. He didn’t expect to get an answer, but he did. Also, something strange happens the […]

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Actors gonna act

Today we had our first full cast read-through of the script for Offworld. In a slightly chilly room above Sin City Comics in Newport, the cast of Offworld somehow managed to conjure up an alien world, a crashed space ship, and… well… if we told you any more than that then we’d be falling foul […]


Chris Lynch goes Off World

Pie and Mash. Abbot and Costello. Lynch and Cooper. Yes, there are some things that just go together and so it was probably inevitable that Chris Lynch would find himself stepping “OffWorld” with Terry Cooper at some point. Earlier this month Chris took on a position as co-screenwriter with Terry on OffWorld and he’s already […]